Salem Depot - Salem, Massachusetts

Salem, MA, USA
Salem Railroad Depot. Moulton-Erickson Photo Co. Late 19th century
Built in 1847 for the Eastern Railroad, (later Boston and Maine) the Salem Depot long dominated the downtown skyline. The castle-like granite structure was designed by Gridley Bryant, a well-known Boston architect and stood at the intersection of Washington and Norman Streets.
As part of a new railroad design, the razing of the Salem Depot began in Fall of 1954 and was completed in Spring 1955. In 1958 the site was paved over, becoming the Riley Plaza we see today.
For over a 100 years, the Salem Depot was one of the most recognizable Salem landmarks and appeared on postcards, in paintings, and in many photographs.

*This article was written by Jen Ratliff for use by Salem State University Archives and Special Collections
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